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Nika Buffet

Product Description:-

  • Dimensions – 68″ Width x 36″ Height x 18.5″ Depth
  • Nopo wood is sustainably grown and harvested near the Gulf of Mexico
  • Nopo is traditionally used in the dance of “Voladores de Papantla”, during which “flying men” jump and swing from 50-foot Nopo poles
  • Nopo surfaces are bookmatched—formed using four consecutively cut wood veneers. Surfaces are finished with epoxy resin to fill gaps
  • Nopo wood is gently hand-stained to accentuate its natural characteristics
  • Craftsman-built frames are constructed using a Spalted Oak top and Gunmetal steel base
  • Artisans in Mexico sand the Spalted Oak, then bleach it in the sun for the perfect finish
  • Hand-applied finishes are lacquered with acrylic for added protection and subtle sheen
  • This collection is artisan-crafted from natural materials with hand-applied finishes

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Nika Buffet

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